B.A; PG BEd; MPH; Dip. Health Management; Dip. Project Management; Dip Higher Ed.


Vimla is a public health specialist with extensive experience in strategic planning and management and has operational experience and skills in implementing and facilitating multiple and complex health promotion and disease prevention projects and programmes.

The focus of most her work has been on Social and Behavioural Change Communication (SBCC) in the public health sector which included programmes on HIV/ AIDS and TB.

As a strategist and senior manager in the National Department of Health for 10 years and prior work in the KwaZulu Natal Provincial Department of Health for over 20 years, Vimla has a broad and detailed understanding of public health within the South African context.

A large part of her work involved stakeholder coordination and management within the public and private sectors; academic institutions and civil society organizations at regional and international levels, specifically through the World Health Organisation, partners and donor agencies.

Vimla has specialised in evaluating health promotion programmes; capacity building and health message development and dissemination, including representation and participation at local, national and international meetings, workshops and conferences.