B.A; PG BEd; MPH; Dip. Health Management; Dip. Project Management; Dip Higher Ed.


Vimla is a public health specialist with extensive experience in strategic planning and management and has operational experience and skills in implementing and facilitating multiple and complex health promotion and disease prevention projects and programmes.

The focus of most her work has been on Social and Behavioural Change Communication (SBCC) in the public health sector which included programmes on HIV/ AIDS and TB.

As a strategist and senior manager in the National Department of Health for 10 years and prior work in the KwaZulu Natal Provincial Department of Health for over 20 years, Vimla has a broad and detailed understanding of public health within the South African context.

A large part of her work involved stakeholder coordination and management within the public and private sectors; academic institutions and civil society organizations at regional and international levels, specifically through the World Health Organisation, partners and donor agencies.

Vimla has specialised in evaluating health promotion programmes; capacity building and health message development and dissemination, including representation and participation at local, national and international meetings, workshops and conferences.





Dip. Marketing Management; Dip. Project Management; Prince2 (Foundation) MDP.

Short courses: ISO 9001 & Integrated ISO Assessor; Interaction Management; Interface Management; Management Development; Presentation Skills; Community Development; Company Secretary; Negotiation & Communication; and GIS Management.


Graeme has extensive experience and skills in conducting Quality Management System (QMS) assessments and has developed Business Management Systems (BMS) across many industries including the Consulting Engineering, Fibre Optic and Medical Devices Industries.

He has specialised experience in Central, Provincial and Local Government, in the fields of legislation, administration and development planning, including township development, administration and management.

Graeme has international experience in NGO management and fund management and headed, Development Management Services (DMS), (founded in 1990) which focused on capacity building & empowerment training. DMS was pivotal in ensuring community participation in a number of housing development projects.  As an evaluator for the Provincial Housing, he has in depth knowledge and experience of the housing delivery process. Graeme Sayer established UNLIMITED in 2000 to focus on Consulting Project and Business Management services. In addition, DMT Seminars was established in Botswana in 2007 with a focus on capacity building and training in Project Management and business development.

Graeme was a founder member of the Natal/KwaZulu Branch of the Development Society of Southern Africa; an External Examiner to the MBA Business School, UKZN (Pmb) (Project Management Discipline); A lecturer in Project Management; MS Project 2000 and Production Management for the Varsity College, Business School, Durban and Pmb (2003-2007);a Professional Member of the Project Management Institute, SA; A Registered Trainer with BOTA (Botswana Training Authority); An accredited & registered Training Facilitator and Assessor (ETDP SETA); and an evaluator for the Provincial Housing Board 1994 to 1999.




Grant has a particular interest in up-scaling projects within the environmental sector. He is currently the National Coordinator for the Eco-Furniture Programme, implemented by the South African National Parks, and works closely with the Department of Environmental Affairs to trigger broader Value-Added Industries projects around Invasive Plant Material.  He is the founder member of LEAD Associates which specialises in bringing the best out of teams which are assembled to meet NGO and governments’ needs. Skills in conflict resolution have ensured that bottlenecks within projects are properly resolved and intended outcomes are achieved.

Grant helped establish the Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts and Small Island Developing States at the World Summit on Sustainable Development held in Johannesburg in 2002. As a steering committee member until 2008, the Forum grew into the premier, global policy driver on marine and coastal issues and is housed within UNEP. His environmental crime reporting application feeds into this drive towards sustainability.

Grant established a property development company in KZN in the mid-eighties which specialised in low-income housing. The company pioneered the first multi-racial residential zonings in South Africa and facilitated the building of over 2 500 residential units. Socio-economic criteria played an important role in determining the company’s participation in developments.